MCA Group Members

Members of the MCA Group:

assess the success/lack of success of your company or your own media visibility

make various media analyses and comprehensive overviews of the company’s image in the media

translate foreign media articles and prepare summaries of their content

provide information about an event in your decision-making environment;

make analyses and surveys of the market and competition;

provide strategic consulting on how to approach a market;

Using the highest standards in research methodology, the MCA Group offers all kinds of desk and field research, both quantitative or qualitative. The newest service in our Group is Mystery Shopping provided by MCA Zagreb based company MSA Adria



Group members  Country   Services  
Kliping d.o.o. Slovenia  Comprehensive media monitoring: traditional, on-line and social   
Presscut d.o.o.


Full media monitoring, News bulettins, translations, media reports, OTS indicators  
 Briefing mediji d.o.o. Croatia  Full range of media outreach and monitoring reporting, translations, Business intelligence   
 Media net d.o.o. Croatia Media communication evaluation, marketing research, advertising monitoring, Social networks evaluation  
 Briefing analize d.o.o. Croatia Full range of media intelligence, marketing research, advertising monitoring   
 MSAdria d.o.o. Croatia Mystery shopping, market research  
 Kliping d.o.o. Serbia Full range of media monitoring and analytics, translations, research  
 Kliping BH d.o.o. Bosnia&Herzegowina Media monitoring and analyses, translations   
 Kliping Skopje d.o.o.e.l. Macedonia Media monitoring and analyses, translations