MCA Group

Media Intelligence, Research and Media Consulting in South-East Europe

Our Apps

  • Metricom

    Social networks monitoring and analyzing tool
  • Kliping MAP

    Unique platform for Adria region. One stop shop for all media content from the region, advanced search and analytical tool.
  • Crispy

    Software for tracking mystery shoppers and reporting to clients.
  • Newton dictate

    Speach to text converting program, adapted for various languages of the region
  • Presscut Mobile

    The Mobile Presscut application gives you advanced opportunities of accessing your selected media coverage, both on your tablet and smartphone devices.
  • Daily Media Board Report

    Interactive daily analyses of your media features with dashboard enabling you to create your own analytical report
  • Same News Tracker

    Program for tracking similar or identical news and articles in the media, get rid of access of content and indentify copyright problems
  • Key Words Cloud Analyses

    Program for advanced tracking of key words in your text and indentifying your brand key components in media communication

    MCA Group is an umbrella company with daughter companies in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia – in which experts, evaluate and measure media communication by monitoring all types of media, selecting smart data and turning them into useful information, preparing reports and analyses including information from various sources. For the entire decision making environment, we carry out various market analyses and research projects.

    MCA Group covers 85% of the regional media. In cooperation with partners, it offers services also in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania.

    Most of MCA Group companies are members of the international association of media monitoring agencies FIBEP, and international association of agencies for communication evaluation AMEC, making the Group a part of a worldwide network and allowing them to provide services globally