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    MCA Group is the leading company in media intelligence, research and media consulting in South-East Europe. MCA daughter companies have been the pioneers in press clipping and media monitoring in the region since early 1990, evolving to market leaders in the new millennium with advanced technological solutions and ever more sophisticated products and services.

    Long lasting success and impressive business results in all MCA Group members comes from constant orientation to customers’ needs, while continuous improvement of performance. The result is MCA Groups’ major market share and competitive edge no entity can beat in this part of Europe.

    More than 1,500 legal entities, state and public institutions, international organizations, public figures and areas use the services of 8 companies of the MCA Group and their over 120-strong workforce. The success of the MCA Group lies in the association of agencies from the South-East European region, specialized in monitoring, selection and analysis of media content, assessment of success of media appearances, and related research and consulting.

    MCA Group members handle their customers’ requests and problems systematically, applying a professional approach and proven procedures. Information is the fundamental value of today’s knowledge-based society and therefore MCA selects smart data from big data and turns them into information useful for its’ customers. Such information is the engine of development and the condition for survival on the increasingly turbulent market.

    MCA group members:

    Kliping d.o.o., Ljubljana
    Kliping d.o.o., Beograd
    Kliping BH d.o.o., Sarajevo
    Kliping MK, Skopje
    MMA, Skopje
    Presscut d.o.o. Zagreb
    Media net d.o.o. Zagreb
    Briefnig mediji d.o.o. Zagreb
    Briefing analize d.o.o. Zagreb
    MSA Adria d.o.o. Zagreb


     MCA Group is part of the Newton Media family. Together we form the biggest media intelligence group of CEE and SEE

    Leading CEE and SEE provider of Media Intelligence & Communication Effectiveness Measurement solutions